Ok, so, for those who don't know, I live in New Zealand. I have recently purchased Project Cars. WeDGE & Jungle were kind enough to go a few laps with me, but, wait, what!? ZERO online races!? This doesn't make sense...the game only came out like 2 days ago!!

Steam Users Only
  1. Within Steam, go to your settings area. (While your main Steam software is open, in the upper left corner, select Steam. Settings is nearly at the bottom, directly above Exit.)
  2. Once in settings, select Downloads. (Downloads is on the left side menu list nearly halfway down. It's located between Interface & Cloud.)
  3. On the right it will say Download Region, change that to match everyone else. (Download Region is almost directly to the right of the Downloads selection from Step 2.)

Steam auto-selects the nearest download server location, but this can be overridden.

It took me some digging, but I found out why nothing was showing up for me. It's not really a region lock, per-say, but it sure acts like one. From what I've read, Project Cars relies on Steam for all of it's multiplayer gameplay, similar to how GameSpy operated. Because of this, your download region setting, within Steam, will determine your Project Cars server crawl search. That is why I, in NZ, couldn't see WeDGEs created race & vice versa.

Boxed/Xbox/PS4 copies, I have no idea about them. If someone else, outside of the USA, has a similar issue like this, please post your solution.