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    Guys, I had fun in the server practicing tonight and appreciate the input I got, especially from Scudbot. I certainly gained speed through watching him drive and his tips as I was driving as well. I also inevitably gained speed though practice and running laps.

    Having been online racing for many years now, I've been in a lot of these type of sessions. I've been on teams though mostly in oval racing sims. Something that I've always tried to emphasize is consistency. It's fantastic to post a top speed in practice or qualifying, but what really matters is race results. Now of course you've got to have speed, but the fastest car doesn't always win the race. I think this is especially true in the sim racing world. Very few of us are professionals (I've raced a few so I won't say none) and we tend to make mistakes, myself of course included. Searching out that perfect line...inside curb, float it out and just a touch of outside curb all the while on the gas is fantastic-when it works. Personally, especially in a long race I'm a little less aggressive, at least until it matters. I also believe that rhythm is speed. Driving a pace that is at the edge of your comfort zone, but not beyond, and pushing that zone out little by little. So to me, that is my personal key to racing. Staying just at the edge of your comfort zone. No it's not flashy, but neither is trying to re enter the track after an off.

    Being a lowly recruit I don't want to step on any toes or anything, but in the next practice session I'm in I hope to do a little more "running." Get a group on track and run together. Practice driving around each other as well as all out speed. Not necessarily to see whose quickest, but to get people used to "race pace." After a mishap of my own tonight I could use that kind of practice myself.

    See ya on the track!

    Jesse aka Apex

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    Glad tonight helped you out! That's always the ultimate aim of mondays. I would agree that some practice racing close to each other would be very beneficial in the future.

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