While perusing list of games on the Steam Summer sale, I decided to run through some of the utility programs as well.

I found a software called Controller Companion. For those of us who use an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller, it is a basic program that will allow you to assign keyboard assignments to any button on your controller. Much like I've heard Joy2Key does, but I've never been able to get that to work. It goes a little bit further though. You can assign profiles to be loaded automatically when a .exe file is loaded, you can use your controller as a mouse with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts, and you can even stop the Steam Big Picture mode from being triggered.

Thought there might be some interest as I know I'm not the only one using a controller. This will only work with XInput controllers though, so you either need a Xbox controller (wired or wireless) or a way to emulate one with your controller.

It is available on Steam here.

Or if you want to keep it separate from Steam, it is available here.

If you purchase it from their website, you'll also get a Steam activation key with it.

If ya need a solution like this, it's well worth the price tag. Program is very smooth and trouble free so far.