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    Default Quick - fire races Thursday night.

    Wanted to mention that on the "off night" yesterday. Wedge was running some random sprint races.One team member picked car...another track.....qualifying right into sprint race. I think we picked up more than a couple recruits with this format.
    Personally. was the most fun I have had to date with this sim.

    Mercedes 300 at Monza short...was insanely difficult yet beyond entertaining.
    Was wondering ( if time allowed) if this format might be brought into a normal race event. Or maybe planned batch sprint races with an overall
    points tally would work? I would assume a few more dedicated officers would be needed if a race night was added to the weekly schedule?

    Anyway. ..that was a blast. Thanks to the officers who pulled it off last night.

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    We've been toying with the idea of having a Sprint Race and a Main Race. For the weeknight races, I just don't think there is enough time. We're really shooting for a total race time (practice, qual, warmup, race) of about an hour and a half. And we want pitting strategies, as well.

    Squeezing down the run up times to 10 minute practice, qual, and 5 warmup, we're still looking at 25 minutes set up for possibly a 15-20 minute race? We could shave off the practice and go straight to qualifying again (unfortunately in multiplayer you can't set up multiple races / qualifying sessions for a single "Event" like you can in single player), but if we go with a 40 minute race, our total time is near 95 minutes, assuming everything goes well and we get it off in time.

    I'm not discounting the idea, we're just currently working on making it happen.

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