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    Icon9 Some Group 5 Tires Testing

    Can someone help me out with this? I thought I'd see if I could get the start of a setup for Tuesday's Group 5 race down this morning as I probably will not be around for GT3 today. I did a few laps in the BMW and noticed the same crazy tire degradation as last week's races, so I popped over to the Ford to see the difference as a few people hypothesized that the BMW was "broken".

    Constant Race Conditions and Restrictions
    • Track: Sakitto Sprint
    • Car: Ford Zakspeed Capri
    • Damage: Real
    • Mechanical Failures: Yes
    • Fuel: Real
    • Starting Time: 14:00
    • Weather: Fixed Weather - Rain
    • Tires Used: 80's GT Rain

    Variables Tested
    • Time Progression 2x, Tire Wear 3x, Full Damage (Current League Race Conditions), Stock Car Setup (except Tires set to Rain)
    • Time Progression 2x, Tire Wear 3x, Full Damage (Current League Race Conditions), Tire Pressures MAXIMUM
    • Time Progression 2x, Tire Wear Real, Full Damage, Tire Pressures MAXIMUM
    • Time Progression Real, Tire Wear Real, Full Damage, Tire Pressures MAXIMUM

    • No matter the variables, the tires heated to 110C after just an out lap and three full laps driving in what I would call a not all that agressive line.
    • The only thing that changed was the damage rate of these high temps to the tires, which on 3x means I've got 20% tire damage on the front left after only like 4 full laps. Even on Time Progression and Tire Wear Real at Maximum Tire Pressure, I think it was like 10% tire wear after the 4 full laps.

    Am I just completely misunderstanding how to drive a Group 5 car here? Are all of these horrible test cases? I don't see how I can do competitive lap times at all and prevent my tires from being undriveable after 10 laps.

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    I have had the same problem in many of the cars when racing in the rain. I don't know if it is a glitch in the system or if they programmed the wear wrong (glitch too?). I have done the same things you have done with the very same results. I see it, mostly, on the GT3 cars and the Group 4/5 cars.

    If I come up with a fix I will post it here.


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