Type Cloned Flesh Ferrite Alloy Machinery Status Effect
Impact -25% +25% Stagger
Puncture +50% +15% Damage Reduction
Slash +25% -15% -50% Bleed
Cold +25% Slowdown
Electricity -50% +50% Chain Attack+Stun
Heat +25% Fire DoT+Panic
Toxin +25% -25% Health DoT
Blast (Heat+Cold) -25% +75% Knockdown
Corrosive (Electricity+Toxin) +75% Armor Reduction
Gas (Heat+Toxin) -50% Toxin AoE
Magnetic (​Cold+Electricity) -50% Reduced Shields
Radiation (​Heat+​Electricity) +75% Reduced Accuracy+Friendly Fire
Viral (​Cold+​Toxin) +75% -25% Reduced Health

--Cloned Flesh: Refers to all humanoid Grineer units, including bosses and Corrupted Vor. Is also possessed by all Grineer Archwing enemies and Locust Drone.

--Ferrite Armor: Possessed by Lancers, Troopers, Seekers, Heavy Gunners, Commanders, all Grineer Archwing enemies, Corvette, Frigate, Carrier (Enemy), Gox, Locust Drone and all Grineer melee units. Humanoid Corpus bosses also possess this type of armor.

--Alloy Armor: Possessed by Elite Lancers, Eviscerators, Bombards, Napalms, Grineer bosses, Corrupted Vor, Corpus Robotic bosses and Stalker.

--Machinery: Includes Rollers, Regulators and Latchers.