Type Flesh Shield Proto Shield Robotic Status Effect
Impact -25% +50% +25% Stagger
Puncture -25% -50% +25% Damage Reduction
Slash +25% -25% Bleed
Cold +50% Slowdown
Electricity +50% Chain Attack+Stun
Heat -50% Fire DoT+Panic
Toxin +50% -25% Health DoT
Blast (Heat+Cold) Knockdown
Corrosive (Electricity+Toxin) -50% Armor Reduction
Gas (Heat+Toxin) -25% Toxin AoE
Magnetic (​Cold+Electricity) +75% +75% Reduced Shields
Radiation (​Heat+​Electricity) -25% Reduced Accuracy+Friendly Fire
Viral (​Cold+​Toxin) +50% Reduced Health

--Flesh: Consists of all Corpus humanoids including bosses like The Sergeant and Alad V. Also includes Stalker.

--Shield: Is possessed by all regular Corpus units, Regulators, Grineer bosses and Corrupted Vor. Is not possessed by Locust Drone.

--Proto Shield: Possessed by every Corpus boss (including Zanuka), Nullifier Crewman, Corpus Tech and the Stalker.

--Robotic: Refers to all Corpus robotics including robotic bosses like Ambulas and Zanuka. Is not possessed by Locust Drone.