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    Default Hey! I've been removed from AOD! What happened?!

    We do house cleanings of our Division Structure every month or so. We remove people from the clan for inactivity at these times. Due to the Pantheon size restrictions, we will be removing inactive players on a monthly basis. In order to dodge this bullet, make sure you are logging in to the forums (here) regularly.

    If you have been removed and have lost your member status in the forums, do not fret. Get in touch with us via PM here in the forums and we'll see about getting you back into the clan. Returning to your old rank is not guaranteed, depending on how long you have been gone and who speaks up for you. But all former members who have left or been removed are welcome back.

    Please do not make a habit of becoming inactive and then rejoining. It takes time and effort to get you squared away each time you go inactive. Time our volunteer staff could be using to play games in. If you are going to go away for a while for whatever reason, put in for a leave of absence. It is very easy to do.

    Repeat offenders risk being turned away.
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