So I got a first world problem. I bought a Thrustmaster 458 non force feedback wheel for Xbox one about 5 months ago for 100 bucks. I quickly learned:

A) I really suck at driving
B) I prefer a wheel that has FFB
C) Being the anti pack rat that I am, I threw away the box and couldn't return it.

So the 458 wheel has been collecting dust since then.

I DO NOT want any money for it. All that I ask is that you pay for shipping. I would rather give it to someone within our group first. If no takers, I will put it up in the general AOD forum.

Again, I DO NOT want money for the wheel. It works perfectly fine. I have also been tested for AIDS, HEP A/B/C,EBola, West Nile, Swine flu and whooping cough. So you shouldn't have to worry about those things when the
wheel comes to your door.

I live in Chicago, so that should give you a rough estimate on shipping.