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    Nascar 9/6 Daytona Season Opener notes:

    Hey guys,

    We're quickly approaching the season opener at Daytona this Sunday night. Couple of things before we get there:

    1. - The fixed setup for Daytona/Talladega will be the stock iRacing setup. Feel free to practice it, however, I highly suggest you join for the 50 minute practice preceding the race so that you can get laps in the draft with other trucks on track. The reason we opted not to go custom setup for these tracks is because we feel like the stock setup is pretty decent for drafting already.

    If you've never "plate raced" ( term for Restrictor Plate which cuts power at larger tracks ) before, just remember it's a different style of racing than most tracks. Drafting and pack racing is the name of the game, and how you plan your moves will determine your success. So don't be afraid to sit back and ride a bit!

    2. - We will have some people in the league who aren't yet AOD members. Our goal is to show them what AOD is about and convince them to join us. Don't take your frustrations out on people if you get wrecked, because you risk ruining the race for other people who are just bystanders. If you have a problem with someone's driving, please note it and if possible trim a replay of the incident so I can review it post race.

    We really don't know what to expect out of the current 26 man roster, but I will work hard at making sure we weed out anyone that will break the integrity of our league. Rules are currently being crafted and should be available to view soon.

    3. - Teamspeak names. I know most of your names in iRacing now, but in order to help us all distinguish each other, I'd like you guys to put your truck number in your teamspeak name.

    For example, mine would be AOD_Cpl_Venom #82

    Other than that, I hope we have a decent showing for Daytona! I'd very much appreciate all of you guys showing up, if at all possible.

    Here's a video to get the feel for this sort of racing.
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