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    Default League of Legends

    I know this has probably been started by other people, but I am surprised nothing has really been followed up. I am surprised that there hasn't been a League of Legends team started for AoD. I see there is an interest for Heroes of the Storm and other Blizzard titles, but with how popular LoL has become, and how many members there are in AoD, that members haven't started up a team or two. (If they have, I'm sorry and disregard this as nothing more than spam or my post of the month.)

    I am not here signing up for the lead or even a spot on a competitive team, oh no! Far from it. I know my limit in the game, I've been playing since Alpha and I'm barely an okay support. If anything I would be the back up to the benchwarmer, but other than that I'll stay with fighting the AI or games of team builder where I know I can lock in as support.

    I play a few games a night, central time zone. Look up Physics68 if you ever want to join up and taking down some bots or for a game of team builder. I mainly support because I'm pretty much crap versus real people in almost every other role.

    Take care folks. And maybe I'll see you on the rift.

    *edited* Sorry, forgot to mention why I posted this. I saw in TS that there was a channel for Blizzard games and Heroes of the Storm but nothing for League of Legends. Yep, now that I got that out of the way I'll go back to my corner.

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    Please see my signature, as you will see in the thread the interest comes and goes.

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