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    Hey everyone!

    I'm starting by saying it's nice to be in such an active community once again. Also, love the website! Rambo nice work on the intro too!
    Since I'm quite an open guy, I just thought I'd tell you all a bit about myself. Plus I felt like i slacked a little bit on my application.

    I live in Järvenpää, Finland. Quite south, but already have snow. It gets freezing in a couple of months as it goes to around -25 celcius (for 'mericans roughly -13 fahrenheit).
    I'm getting married in March with a woman I met on TINDER. Yes, tinder. Gonna sue that company, was just looking for a one-nighter.
    Anyhow, we've got 2 dogs, planning on a third once we move to a bigger house. And maybe some other smelly noisy things who rhyme with rabies.

    I'm currently working as a salesman at elisa, which is a service provider for internet, mobile internet and phone connections.
    This job is not my first option, though I do like it. But I've got a commercial pilots licence for a helicopter (currently non-active, since 5 years without a helicopter job. But renewable)

    After not finding a helicopter job inside 2 years of graduating, I went to a train driver school instead (I think in english it's called a conducter, but conducters in Finland are the guys who sell and check peoples tickets en-route).
    Due to a lovely thing called employee co-operation negotiations, I got kicked from that school 1 week before graduating. Thats how I ended up selling phones instead. Now I'm pretty good at it.

    Here in Finland joining the Finnish Defence Forces is mandatory. Once you go in, you can kind of choose whether to go for 6, 9 or 12 months.
    As I am not a type to go on the minimum required, I applied for a CV9030 training programme for 12 months. Ended up being a Alikersantti (roughly equal to Corporal) and commanding said panzer. Fun times, but made me promise I'd never a) get cold again or b) get hungry again.

    I used to semi-pro game some, have some online and LAN-party tournament winnings (CS 1.3-1.6, ARK) and some sponsor cash (WoW: WotLK, world rank 20-30 on each PVE boss). I generally tend to aim on competitive gameplay on whatever I start to play. I tend to carry my own weight and bring extra to the games I play. I take gaming quite seriously.

    I have been starting a twitch channel, though I've been quite slow and inactive about it. Am thinking of restarting it again at some point.

    So next part I'll just list a few things I like and dislike.

    I like
    -My future wife
    -My dog (Whippet)
    -Playing any kind of games, but specific series that I love;
    -Fallout series
    -All Blizzard series
    -Anything Star Wars related
    -Total War series
    -Operation Flashpoint and Arma series
    -Super Mario bros. series
    -Battlefield series
    -War Thunder (and a little bit of world of tanks)
    -Working as a team
    -Communicating with people IRL or online

    I dislike
    -My future wife's dog (you'll probably hear him on the backround a few times over TS. Seriously annoying, small yapping dog. Of unknown race.)
    -Mämmi (Seriosly disgusting finnish easter dish. Literally looks like shit but tastes worse.) Seriously, take a good long look at it.
    -People playing games who use exploits and/or 3rd party programs to gain advantage.

    Also to be completely straight and honest, I have a VAC ban on my steam account from around 10 years ago because back then I was young and stupid. But instead of getting a new account, I decided to keep my profile and as public too, so that every time I play for example Counter-Strike, I get a nice reminder from people I play against. So yes, I dislike my own actions too, sometimes. Thing is, my previous mistakes made me what I am today and I am quite proud of what I am.

    That's all, folks!
    Hope to see you in game and on TS!
    Don't hesitate to add me as friend on origin (AOD_Cocopop) or steam (Cocopop, profile picture of a warcraft 2 peon. Work work!)

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    Hey man and welcome to the clan!

    Unknown race dog? I laughed out loud at that.
    Origin ID: AOD_Sniperr
    UPlay ID: AOD_Sniper

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    I hope you like your future wife.
    Don’t give up saying you’re living within your means.
    Don’t become a boring man like that.

    It is always important to remember that as awesome as winning and making the other person's life miserable may feel, we got in the games to have fun.


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