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    So Apology and question

    Hello, I'm new here. Recently I decided to join this group because I wanted to be apart of the friendly members in the AoD servers. Today, I joined TeamSpeak 3. Now, let me tell you, I am not a troll. People may think I am a troll but that's not the case. Now what happened today, I want to apologize for everyone who were surprised by how I was, I was being rambunctious, loud, but most of all being myself to the group. I wanted to see how the group, and I was surprised by the group was. They were seeing I was a hefty bunch, but we all got along. As time went on, the chat got silent and I was wondering what I going on. I kept spouting my mouth (which I shouldn't of but no one told me), I got asked by one member why I was, I just wanted to know and understood her concern. Then Inferno says 'Sorry, maybe next month' and suddenly i see {banned, talking too much}.

    Now, I just want to say, this was false judgement. I was just acting the way I usually am when it is chat (same with my TF2 clan) and people accept the way I am. But really this hurt me in the gut, cause people thought the way I was I was being a nuisance, a troll who just joined to annoy others. That isn't the case, that's not the way I am. I wasn't warned of what was going to happen and I don't feel I should wait because I wasn't warned or asked to stop talking. Had I been asked, you would of knew for sure that I would. I was just trying to be friendly and I got punished for it because of false judgement....false judgement of the way I was. I don't blame you Inferno, you had suspicions, but as a friend I would of at least wanted a warning.

    I just want to ask, can I please get a apology. I don't wish to be given another month to try to rejoin as well, I was just acting as myself and it hurt me really bad that it made me shed a few tears, this isn't a troll message, me trying to act smart over you. It's just a question. I am sorry for being loud, I was new and didn't know what to expect and maybe my new jokes were over the top. But I will point out, I don't feel I should wait another month just to join, if that's the case I want to leave. This is a small issue, and it's sort of make me 'meh' over it, but it just hurt me that I need to tell you what really was going on over on my side. I just want to try to be one for the team.

    - Phasma of Tarth

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    Your a good guy Phasma, but you were told to chill out by Zuti and then by me. Self control is huge in our clan and if your unable to stop talking and listen then unfortunately your not the right fit for AOD. Your welcome to tryout for AOD in a month, and i wish you the best of luck until then.


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