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    Default Teamspeak Rule & Multi-Clanning Policy

    (credit to CapnVG)

    For a list of any of our current Divisions follow the link here.

    Once on that page scroll down to the different forums, they will always be up to date. You may also check TeamSpeak out for current list of all games we play and support.

    What does support mean you ask? Simple, it means we have a division for this particular game, which entails forums and TeamSpeak channels. All members participating in that game are expected to wear AOD tags ang be registered with whatever guilds or clans that we have in that game. Regardless of whether they are in a different division from that game or not. Loyalty to AOD means that you help out with the games that we play in. AOD has separate divisions for separate games, but we are all part of one clan.

    Unsupported means we play up in the top lobby with other's from all other divisions, more of a side game than anything. Members are not expected to wear tags for these games or be in TeamSpeak for them. They may also join a different clan or guild for unsupported games.

    Multi-Clanning Policy - What is this and what does it mean?

    Well you may play in multiple clans, but we do not allow members to be in a different clan for a game that we support as a division.
    Example: War Thunder Applicant JoeBamma is in a clan Called TRA for BF4, he must choose to leave that clan before joining us for Warthunder or not join at all. If AOD supports a game that a prospective member is already part of another guild or clan with, they must choose between that clan or guild and AOD. Regardless of what game they are trying to join us for.

    **World of Warcraft (WoW) is EXEMPT from the Multi-Clanning Policy**

    With MMO's if we are starting a division at launch all members and recruits need to join AOD's guild. The exception to this is if a member is recruited into a division but plays an established MMO with another guild he does not need to leave that guild to join AOD.

    An individual joins BF4 and mentions he plays ESO with another guild. We don't force him to leave his established guild to join BF4.

    All supported divisions will have a section on our forums.

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    Default Okay

    Got it.


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