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    Default World of Warcraft Division Recruiting Techniques & Guidelines

    <Angels of Death Clan> Recruiting Information

    Do YOU want more online friends? Looking to fill in the roster on your beloved guild?
    You've come to the right place!

    General Guidelines:
    Generally speaking, we are looking to recruit anyone that is willing to join us or are looking for a guild and more. Primarily, we'd like to have new recruits join us in the guild and play with us, but we really want them to be an official AOD member on the forums so that they can join us in Teamspeak as well. Who would this include? Just about anyone! Someone in your Mythic Dungeon group looking for more people to play with? Send them a link to our application. Someone yelling in Trade Chat? Throw them a whisper!

    General Online Threads:
    Reddit WoW Guilds Subreddit -

    WoW Forum Recruitment Threads:
    WoW Forums (Guild Recruitment) -
    WoW Forums (Korgath Realm) -
    Wowhead Forums -

    What Should I Post?
    This should be tailored to where you are posting and who you are talking to. I like to do that as much as possible. For making a General Post about the guild, this is what I have used in the past:
    Angels of Death is a multi-game community with a World of Warcraft Division that is supported and looking to grow. We're a fairly laid-back community with many options for games to play and boasting close to 2,000 members involved in the community.

    If you're looking for a guild based on participation, honor, good will, and all around comradery, then we are looking for you!

    We're looking to finish out Warlords of Draenor strong with a healthy number of members and are looking directly into the Legion with 13/13 Heroic in WoD. If you're looking for progression raiding as well as organized PvP, we are looking for you!

    If you're interested in joining us or have any questions, send me a message on here or shoot a message on over to my profile on the AOD forum! We'd be glad to have you in our company.

    We hope that you can join us:

    Forum Account Creation (Done by New Member)

    Step 1 Recruiting - Establish Voice Communication
    Things are much easier to establish over a voice chat client they currently have (Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Skype, Curse)
    Explain that once they are setup on teamspeak, they will be able to use that for voice communication with the guild.

    Step 1 Forum - Create Forum Account

    Step 2 Forum - Approve Forum Account (Their Email Address)
    They have to log into their own Email address, and approve the Forum Account Creation

    Step 3 Forum - Clan Code of Conduct & Division Rules
    New Member has to Post "Read and Understood" in all 4 of these forums
    Clan Code of Conduct:
    AOD Ranking Structure:
    World of Warcraft Division Rules:
    Teamspeak 3 Rule and Multi-Clanning Policy:

    Step 4 Forum - Apply to the World of Warcraft Division

    Guild Inviting (Done by Anyone That has Guild Invite Privileges)

    If you have invite privileges you NEED to follow these guidelines. We are finding more and more members that are being invited, with no notes, and being left at Initiate rank. It then causes more work to try to find that person and figure out who they are.
    If you invite someone to the guild, and they already have a character in the guild, Please label them with Alt, and Who's alt they are.
    If you are inviting someone that is a Part Time Member, and its their first toon in guild, Pug their Rank_Forum Name, and Promote them to Member.
    If you are inviting someone that is brand new to the Clan, they will be expected to fill out an application on the website within 7 days of them joining guild.
    All Notes are documented below with Screenshots! if you do not have have rights to edit notes/officer notes, please send a Private Message to your Squad Leader a note with who they are in guild, when you invited them. Squads can be found on the Division Structure.

    No Forum Account (Being Recruited)
    Note: Invited Date
    Officer's Note: "Recruiter"

    Forum Account (Recruit)
    Once they have a forum account, and have gone through the recruitment process, change their ingame notes to
    Recruit Rank:
    Note: Rct_Forum Name
    Officers Note: Battletag ID (We can leave this part out if they do not wish it to be displayed)
    **Note** We can promote them to Member if we know them from more than the Recruiting Process

    Once they have been promoted to Cdt, Promote to Member (After their Trial Period)

    Alternate Characters
    If the person being invited is an Alternate Character of a character already in the guild
    Alternate Character:
    Note: "Forum Name" Alt (Do not put rank or "AOD_" in front of their Forum Name on Alternate Characters)
    Officers Note: Leave Blank

    AOD Members Part Time
    If they have listed us as a Part Time Division, Please invite them to the guild, and promote them to Member Rank.
    Part Time/Full Time Members:
    Note: Rank_Forum Name
    Officers Note: Battletag ID (We can leave this part out if they do not wish it to be displayed)
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