Desperately needing some plat for warframe/weapon slots, potatoes, etc., having been gone for a good while. Anything with an x(number) are duplicates.

Here's what I got:

Warframes And Warframe Accessories:
-Rhino Prime Set
-Ash P. Chassis (shockingly rare, I know!)

...and that's it for that stuff.

-Ankyros Prime Set
-Boltor P. Stock
-Hikou P. Stars x4
-Kavasa P. Collar BP.
-Lex P. BP and Barrel.
-Scindo P. BP and Blade.
-Carrier P. BP.

-Primed Continuity (max rank)
-Primed Reach x2 (no rank)
-Barrel Diffusion x3
-Blaze x3
-Burdened Magazine
-Coaction Drift
-Combustion Beam
-Creeping Bullseye
-Critical Deceleration x4
-Critical Delay x2
-Crushing Ruin
-Depleted Reload
-Fleeting Expertise x4
-Frail Momentum
-Ice Spring
-Ice Storm
-Jagged Edge x3/4
-Life Strike
-Power Drift
-Quick Thinking x2
-Rending Strike
-Seeking Fury
-Shred x2
-Split Chamber x5
-Spoiled Strike x2
-Stunning Speed
-Tainted Mag
-Tainted Shell
-Vicious Spread
-Volcanic Edge
-Bodycount x2
-And pretty much any Ammo mutation, I think.