Quick reminder, Prepatch is today!!! PvP Season has ended, Raids have been nurfed by 30%, our talents and stuff will all change.
We did good, making it 13/13 heroic for Hellfire, starting halfway through the tier.

Couple things to remember:
Recruit, if you see someone, or know someone, or have friends coming back to the game, they are more than welcome here. If you recruit, please let an officer know and add the correct notes, or promote to the correct rank. I will be making a thread and stickying it to General, for what we should do to recruit.

During the next month of downtime, getting things situated, Level an alt, to 80 and turn off the XP. Start gearing that alt. During Legion, we will be doing earlier raids, specifically WOTLK Raids. We had talked about raiding earlier raids at level 70, but I do not believe there is enough content to raid once every 2 weeks, or once a month and not get bored after a while in burning crusade. In WOTLK there is at least 5 raids that we can raid with 10 players, and if we get enough, raid at 25 man.

Last but not least, Test out which classes you'd like to play and get involved! Not just with the Guild/Clan, but with the community as well. Jump in 5 mans, Jump in PvP, Broadcast if your running bg's, Etc.