For those of you that were present or absent, here are the notes that I compiled from our Division Meeting:

Division Meeting:
~ Getting ready for Legion
~ Two raid groups, RBG group (SAS and Phoenix Raid Groups, Delta Force RBG Group)
~ Fill out Forms for applying to raid and RBG groups (These are located in the "How to Apply section of their respective threads in the PvE and PvP subforums)
~ Strats and Comps will be separated out by group and they will have a proper place to post, discuss, and theorize
~ We are creating a Horde List, I (Glucose), will be creating and maintaining a list in the WoW: General Chat forum that will list B-Nets and Character/Server names for those in AOD that have Horde characters or main only Horde characters. There will be no AOD Guild to govern these characters at this time.
~ SAS Raid Tuesday, Phoenix Raid Monday, RBG Wednesday or Thurs (These are soft dates to give people time to know when they are available and post to their raid leaders if and when they are able to attend raids)
If you have any questions about the Division, changes, or the new Expansion please send me (Glucose) a Private Message or talk to an Officer and they can relay any information to a Sgt.