Verizon IndyCar Series and the Dallara DW12 make their debut at Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, better known as Imola. Imola is one of the most classic European tracks, hosting F1 races until 2006. After that, the Variante Bassa chicane has been removed to make the main straight longer which improves passing opportunities.

Imola should be best suited for high downforce setups even though medium downforce might be also worth trying in cool conditions. With several chicanes and some high kerbs, suspension settings are important to get right in order to get the car stable enough at those chicane exits.

Series information:

Track selection: 8 road courses and 4 ovals
License: road C
Max field size: 26 cars
Cars needed for an official race: 8
Race times: every 2 hours starting at 0:00 GMT
SoF race times:
Tuesday 0 GMT / Monday 8 PM EDT
Friday 20 GMT / 4 PM EDT (Racespot broadcast for top split)

Imola race information:

Length: 31 laps
Pace lap: starts after Varinate Alta chicane
Pit stops: 1
Fuel needed: 33-35 gallons (124.9-132.4 litres)
Most typical weather conditions: track temperature 75-115 F (24-46 C), wind direction from E to N