Welcome to yet another new twist to challenge you in War Thunder. Thanks to way too much "aiming fluid" and several bored AOD "pilots", we are pleased to bring you yet another way to kill time, the enemy, and your sanity all in one go. The BR Ladder. What is this BR ladder you ask? Well friends, starting with a maximum BR of 2.0, work you way up by increments through the entire BR spectrum of any given nation. For example from BR 2.0 to 2.3, 2.7. 3.9, ect ect ect. How this works? Every time your squad wins a mission you advance one increment. If you lose two in a row, you go down one increment. While making up the rules for this silly challenge, we did find it necessary to give out one free pass, to bypass the mosquito and firebrand as they were not cooperating with our plans. So once more the rules, win to advance, lose twice and go back one BR increment, you get one free pass, and must be done with at least 3 AOD members.

Tonight; wcdebo, physics, novafry, syeecho, butter dolphin, peachy pilot, and yours truly, advanced up the British aircraft line from 2.0 to 6.0. Not bad until lack of sleep, real life responsibilities and plain better judgement slowly sapped away our forces.

But Night_Shade, I dont do planes. No worries friend. Can be done in any nation, any battle mode, and tanks or planes. Are you up for the challenge. If so, share who was in your squad and how far you make it.