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    Default Jedi Knight Division Structure:MBII/JKII

    Sgt AgentGibbs [CO]

    SSgt Insane [XO]

    SgtMaj Kid A
    SSgt Mr.Alien
    Sgt Master Butters
    Sgt Rambo
    Sgt tobiaszek

    Total Active Members: 138
    Total LOA : 14
    Total Part Time : 11
    Total JKII Squad : 4
    Total Members : 185

    Squad Leader
    LCpl Predator (STEAM)

    1. Spec LargerComic (STEAM)
    2. Pfc PapaJuan (STEAM)
    3. Pvt Stiltner (STEAM)
    4. Cdt Kiwi (STEAM)
    5. Rct Aupenn(STEAM)

    Pfc DarkGuruCrow (STEAM)
    Cdt Guardian Jehral (STEAM)
    Cdt Plum (STEAM)
    Cdt Tolik (STEAM)(LOA)

    Squad Leader
    Tr Vash (STEAM)

    1. Pfc thebiggerboat3 (STEAM)
    2. Pvt OpuS (STEAM)

    Spec Duoshot (STEAM)
    Spec Gmarek (STEAM)
    Spec Lantern (STEAM)
    Spec NegSpace (STEAM)
    Spec RickyBobby (STEAM)(LOA)
    Pfc Cait (STEAM)(LOA)
    Pfc colton3y96 (STEAM)
    Pfc EvilPanda (STEAM)
    Pvt Aaronklk (STEAM)
    Cdt AriFeannor (STEAM)
    Cdt Def!led (STEAM)
    Cdt Havoc (STEAM)
    Cdt Shinobi (STEAM)
    Cdt TwinSuperNova (STEAM)
    Rct DarkTooth* (STEAM)
    Rct SolidSneak47 (STEAM)
    Rct Tuvor (STEAM)
    Squad Leader
    LCpl Caliber (STEAM)

    1. Cdt Anakin Skywalker (STEAM)
    2. Cdt Barris Skywalker (STEAM)
    3. Cdt Colley (STEAM)
    4. Cdt Kazumi (STEAM)
    5. Cdt MysticWook (STEAM)
    6. Cdt Naverse (STEAM)
    7. Rct Death6kollektor(STEAM)
    8. Rct DreadPirate (STEAM)
    9. Rct Scully (STEAM)
    10. Rct Scrum (STEAM)

    Spec Element(STEAM)
    Spec takuta (STEAM)
    Pfc Buttertoast(STEAM)
    Pfc Vinny_Skywalker (STEAM)
    Pfc ^Xan. (STEAM)
    Rct Orphyx (STEAM)
    Cdt Sense of Right League (STEAM)
    Cdt ShikiHisashi (STEAM)
    Rct JarlElbow (STEAM)
    Squad Leader
    LCpl Malak (STEAM)

    1. Cdt JayTeh(STEAM)
    2. Cdt LucienSoul2 (STEAM)
    3. Rct Aim(STEAM)(LOA)
    4. Rct King (STEAM)
    5. Rct Levitanjybiwa (STEAM)
    6. Rct Pfubar (STEAM)
    7. Rct Spore (STEAM)
    8. Rct Vastrom (STEAM)

    Spec Hirmanator (STEAM)
    Cdt Airplane (STEAM)
    Squad Leader
    Tr Jaden (STEAM)

    1. Pvt Ancient (STEAM)
    2. Cdt BioshockSlayer(STEAM)
    3. Cdt Darth Potato (STEAM)
    4. Cdt MEDAK (STEAM)
    5. Cdt The_Revanchist (STEAM)
    6. Cdt Vapour (STEAM)
    7. Rct Fordo (STEAM)
    8. Rct Ironfist (STEAM)
    9. Rct Koro (STEAM)
    10. Rct Revanite Oril (STEAM)

    Spec Abel (STEAM)
    Spec Aayla (STEAM) (LOA)
    Spec Anima (STEAM)
    Spec Black Bolt (STEAM)
    Spec CaptainAdmiral SPATULA (STEAM)
    Pfc DeadBringer (STEAM)
    Pfc FireStrike (STEAM)(LOA)
    Cdt Loonar (STEAM)
    Squad Leader
    Tr JamesHarden (STEAM)

    Spec Sea Otter (STEAM)(LOA)
    Cdt Daedra(STEAM)
    Cdt JustBlazeYaDeadHomie (STEAM)
    Cdt Kyber(STEAM)
    Cdt TinySlim (STEAM)
    Squad Leader
    Tr TBD (STEAM)

    Squad Leader
    Tr GeneralTzu (STEAM)(LOA)

    1. Cdt Logan(STEAM)
    2. Cdt SaberMySaber(STEAM)
    3. Rct Lord Ren(STEAM)

    Pfc Markyle(STEAM)
    Pfc SpartanOG(STEAM)
    Squad Leader
    Tr TBD (STEAM)
    Squad Leader
    Tr TBD (STEAM)

    Squad Leader
    Tr TBD (STEAM)

    Squad Leader
    Tr TBD (STEAM)


    • Tr Tzu
    • Spec Aayla
    • Spec Hellsfortune
    • Spec Ion
    • Spec NegSpace
    • Spec Kenshin
    • Spec Sea Otter
    • Pfc Cait
    • Pfc DeadBringer
    • Pfc Glenk
    • Pfc Jinyu
    • Pfc Oneo
    • Pvt OpuS
    • Cdt CodeEpsilon - Military LOA
    • Cdt Cowdog
    • Cdt Patches
    • Cdt PewPew
    • Cdt Tin Man
    • Cdt Tolik
    • Rct Aim
    • Rct Flux
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    Default Re: Divisional Structure & Email/Steam lists

    Make sure your info is posted correctly

    Enter your info as a reply here in this format: AOD Name/Steam ID/AOD Recruiter

    No Underscores Should Be In The Name

    Example: AOD Andrew/ /AOD Lantern

    ================================================== ===============================

    Other Formats

    If going on a Leave Of Absence (LOA):
    Please post in the following format:

    Please Change:
    LOA - Rank_Name
    Reason - LOA End Date

    Please Change:
    LOA - Rct_Souperman
    Going on vacation with the family - Back in 30 days

    *Note: LOA's must have an end date! Officers may lose rank if the LOA is long enough.

    If going Part-Time:
    Please post in the following format:

    Please add:
    Steam ID - link

    Please add:
    Steam ID -
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