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    Default Rules and Regulations - Must be Read and Understood, Before Acceptance

    Hello and welcome to AOD.
    To help make the recruiting process easier, we have compiled a collection of the Rules, Regulations, and Information.

    Please take a moment to read through these.

    Mandatory Read

    Code of Conduct
    Signature Rules

    Optional Read


    What we are looking for:
    1) Sportsmanship/Teamwork
    2) Good Attitude
    3) Loyalty
    4) Compatibility
    5) Active on TS3/Forums

    It is mandatory to be in TeamSpeak when you play the game you joined AOD for.


    When putting your account name here, do not put the AOD_ in front of it, we will if you are accepted.

    Finally, when you are ready to apply, fill out the application here: Apply HERE

    A Recruiter will then get in touch with you (via our forums) within 24 hours to complete the process.

    If a recruiter PM's you our TS3 info, please speak with one of our recruiters when you come onto our vent. Besides the person who PM'd you, you can contact anyone with a vent tag of Spec, LCpl or Cpl in any of the War Thunder channels in TS3. (For example AOD_Cpl_Name, or AOD_LCpl_Name). If there are no recruiters available at the moment when you come on, feel free to hangout with our War Thunder members until a recruiter is available.

    AOD is a multi-game clan; if you play any other game which our clan supports, by all means join in with them and play. However, if you are planning on making another game we support your main game, please inform your platoon or troop leader. We do this to maintain organization in each division. A transfer can be arranged between divisions, but ultimately must be approved by both respective COs.

    Please be aware, that multi-clanning (being a member of a different clan in a game AOD has a current division in) is PROHIBITED. You are more than welcome to play part time in any of the games that are supported, however if you wish to join a clan or guild with your character, you must do so with the AOD supported option only. Failure to abide by this will get you banned from the clan. There are no exceptions to this! Currently we have active divisions in Ark, SW Battlefront, Battlefield 4, Firefall, Skyforge, Jedi Knight, Planetside 2, Project Cars, War Thunder, Warframe, World of Tanks and World Of Warcraft. Please consider this when placing your application, as there are no grandfather clauses, and it will apply to you from day one.
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