Decided to put together a War Thunder division wall of fame.
Put your picture(not mandatory) and tell a little about yourself :)

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Name : Harri
Age : 27
Country : Finland

Started gaming 1990 with commodore 64, couldn't even read but still could start games etc. x)
Been in to online gaming since 1999, I've played my Quakes, Half-life 1&2, Counter-Strike, Battlefields, Americas Army, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Baldur gates, Fallouts, Elder scrolls.. damn just realised I've played pretty much every major release since 2000.
So I am a gamer by heart, and computers are pretty much my life as I work as a software consultant. Other stuff I do is gym, bit of swimming to stay in shape and during summers I am a passionate biker(motorcycles), I don't actually even own a car but I've had 3 bikes so far :D

Anyhow give us a peek to who you are so we can get to know eachothers better :)