TEAMSPEAK 204 / 400

DISCORD 1489 / 4969

War Thunder – Still Alive And Kicking!

War Thunder

December 11, 2020

Since its beginnings, War Thunder and the Angels Of Death (AOD) have been a match for the ages. From the very beginning, the members of Angels of Death took to the skies and have been there with Gaijin as they continue to expand the game each step of the way. To this day within the War Thunder game, the Angels Of Death represent more than 300 men and women across 60+ different countries; truly a diverse international community. As we close in on War Thunder’s Eighth-year anniversary, we fondly think back on the most significant moments in War Thunder.

The AOD division within War Thunder was created in-game on 12 June 2013, when War Thunder was a mere shell of the game that it is today. Graduating from Wings of Prey, War Thunder started the long journey towards its current state with an exciting future to come. AOD is a global group of nearly 3000 members who play many games and have stuck together for more than two decades.

Over the past seven years, AOD’s current War Thunder player base has grown to over 300 active pilots, skippers, and tankers, many of whom earned top 100 honors in realistic squadron battles, and World War mode.