TEAMSPEAK 274 / 400

DISCORD 1515 / 4182

Black Desert Online Division

An unknown game from Korea caught the eye of the Angels of Death from the start. Soon thereafter the cogs began rolling to define how an new MMO could be adapted into the standards set by AOD, whose focus is centered on community interaction to encourage all members to engage and contribute to the guild. The variety of activities available to all members in Black Desert Online provides a style of play that fits for everyone. From the carebear forests, to adrenaline-lookaway RNG gambling, to seige warfare. the game pieces all forms of addictions that will kick any habit you’re on. With that AOD took the first step into the Black Desert and frankly hasn’t had time to look back.

Servers and Events

The Angels of Death play exclusively on the North American server across all of the available channels. Regular events and activities:

  • Kzarka platoons every Sunday at 1pm ET
  • Vell Platoons every Sunday form up at 4pm ET and depart at 4:30pm ET – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
  • Guild Boss Scrolls every Saturday
  • Weekly Relic/Book/PilaFe Scroll groups
  • In-guild PvP practice, training, sparring, mini-games.

From group to solo PvP, it’s an event for all members, regardless of strength, gear, level, or PvP experience, to further hone their skills while also having fun and learning from guildmates in a low-pressure PvP setting. Learn from our experienced PvP-ers about all of what your class has to offer, all the while having fun slaughtering your friends!

Other activities include:

  • Sea Monster Hunts
  • Grind Groups
  • Boss Scroll Groups
  • Red Battlefield
  • Exploration Trips
  • World Bosses

Ingame Guild

AOD is an Extra Large PvX guild in Black Desert Online

  • ->NO level or gear score requirements!<-
  • PvP friendly
  • Lifeskiller friendly
  • Perks
    • Full Combat Buffs
    • +3 Fishing/+3 Gathering
    • Guild Galley for Sea Monster Hunting

Apply to division

In order to be eligible for membership in the Black Desert Online division, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have Discord, TeamSpeak, and a working mic
  • Be on TeamSpeak whenever you are ingame
  • Wear AOD guild tags while you are in game
  • Actively contribute to our forums on a regular basis to maintain activity
  • Participate in our regular guild-organized events if you can make it there!
  • Maintain focus on progressing