TEAMSPEAK 202 / 400

DISCORD 1423 / 4791

Star Wars: Squadrons Division

Welcome to the AOD Star Wars: Squadrons Division! We are a casual clan with no skill requirements to apply. Our goal is to create a friendly community with an emphasis on fair play and good sportsmanship in a non-toxic environment. AOD spans across the globe, so regardless of where you’re from you’re sure to find someone to play with. Whether you’re rookie or a veteran pilot you’ll find other members to both help and test your skills.


Every week we run community events with all AOD members welcome to join. Events range from fun and unique, like Trivia and Skribbl events to competitive tournaments. A full calendar is available for all members to access any time!

What you need to do

To be eligible for membership in the AOD Star Wars: Squadrons Division, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Be on TeamSpeak whenever you are in game
  • Contribute to the forums once a month to maintain activity