Our Fallen Angels

To fall from heights, those who've ascended,
Seems dire and bleak, so far descended,
Our intentions meant to elevate,
Feel hollow and sullen, the burden great.
Our memories endure, these lives long past,
The hope our adventures were not our last.
With honor we remember these precious things,
The Fallen Angels, now rest their wings.


Kevin "Bluntz" Lovelace — 11/14/2021 AchesAndPains — 07/17/2020 Bruce "hailhydra2018" Kennedy — 01/18/2020 MD9445 — Unknown Quake-id — Unknown Lance "Syph3n" Groth — 01/12/2015 oc675 — 11/08/2015 Pafire — 11/05/2020 William "T Dooly" McCoy — 07/22/2023 Stefan "Drakooth" Erfmann — 03/04/2024