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    Default PlanetSide Event: Nanites of the Living Dead

    Nanites of the Living Dead

    Saturday, October 28, 2022 4:00PM EDT


    The PlanetSide Division invites everyone to partake in this year's Nanites of the Living Dead community event. It is a Halloween event, with a group of survivors airdropped dropped onto a base, which they will need to defend from a growing horde of zombies. If a survivor is killed by the zombies, they rise as another zombie and add to the horde. Once the remaining survivors capture the facility, they will push to the air terminals and extract by pulling vehicles & escaping.

    The event is on the Jaeger server, a server managed by the community that requires specific accounts to log on. All the fun of the event comes from respecting the rules and getting into the spirit of Halloween. Ready your blades and your shotguns, prepare your voice for your undead growls and try to fend off, or join the horde!

    Absolutely no prior experience or accounts are required. Pre-leveled accounts for the event will be provided to all participants who wish to join.

    This is one of the best community event PlanetSide has all year and is not to be missed! We invite everyone to join us in TeamSpeak & in-game and have fun.

    (Subject to change by the PSB staff or event organizers)


    Survivors will group up in their warpgate and fly to a designated base. Survivors will drop onto the base and attempt to capture it while zombies (melee only) try to kill them.

    When a survivor is killed, they will switch factions and join the zombie horde themselves.

    Over time the zombie team will grow larger and larger as it becomes harder for the survivors to hold out. There will be several rounds & several bases for survivors to protect. Each round will feature a new group of starting zombies & survivors.

    Survivors (NC) are ONLY allowed to use:

    • Class: Heavy Assault or Engineer
    • Shotguns
    • Pistols
    • Knives
    • All abilities, suits, and implants unless declared as banned.

    Survivors cannot be revived once dead.

    Zombies (VS) are ONLY allowed to use:

    • Class: Light Assault or Medic
    • Knives.
    • All abilities, suits, and implants unless declared as banned.

    There will be an option to join the outfit of the zombies. In that outfit "the voice of the Grave" will give orders in outfit chat so all the zombies can coordinate.

    The following are BANNED: MAXs, Vehicles, Explosives (grenades, C4, mines, etc.), Power Knives, Smoke, Construction, Hardlight Barriers, Anti-Infantry MANA Turret, Anti-Vehicle MANA Turret, Spitfire Auto-Turret, and A7, Directive, or Event weapons

    For more information, and to express your interest in attending, view the original event thread [HERE].

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