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    Default Important Links and FAQ

    To get the ball rolling and get people as informed as possible, I wanted to get this post up here in this section ASAP. Please feel free to change it or delete it as you feel the need Future CO of Star Citizen.

    To add something to this list please simply post a follow up post below, please do not use this thread to discuss the links that are in this thread. We have a whole forum for that, please use that. If a Admin could assist in keeping this list as up to date as possible, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Official Trailer

    AOD Important Links

    AOD's Organization Page
    AOD's Org. Chat
    AOD's Recruitment Thread

    Important Links from the Developer

    Star Citizen Page
    Official FAQ Nexus

    Arena Commander Manual - lots of great info for beginners!

    Weapons and Weapon Mounts
    Cargo and all it involves.

    Official Press Releases
    Offical Ship Specifications
    Unofficial Ship Progress Chart

    Star Marine and FPS Update
    FPS Stances and Breathing

    Official YouTube Channel

    Informative Third Party Pages/BLogs

    Star Citizen Wikia - F.A.Q.

    Wiki Alternative
    Tactical Advance Channel With good tips
    Performance Tweaks
    Melting Packages - How to change your package to store credits. CAREFUL: Some things will be forever lost if you do this (like LTI, ...)
    Common Misconceptions MK2 - a ton of good information.

    Exploring Exploration *Info on exploring

    Community Links

    Official Star Citizen Forum
    Star Citizen Reddit
    Star Citizen Facebook
    Star Citizen Twitter

    Please message me with your submissions for this info page, and thank you!
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