Hey i wanted to share a New game i found out in the past couple of months its called No Mans Sky its an awesome its set in a real like sized universe everybody is in the same server and everyone starts on there own solar system and they estimate that if you land your space ship on every planet in the Galaxy for 1 second it would take your 5000 years to complete the game and they also say that you will never come across the same thing twice you will come across similarity's but never the same thing there is not really a aim of the game as such but if there was it would be to make up your own story and life as such the isn't really objectives as we know of yet but hello games (witch is the company that is making no mans sky) says if you head to the center of the galaxy there is a surprise awaiting you there and on the way things will get harder but u will find more ore and expensive ore i will post a like of a video on YouTube that has all 5 trailers in it and everything you see in the trailers is game-play no cinematic and i will also post a link to a you-tuber called COBRA TV that ive got allot of my information for and he seems legit he talks about what no mans sky is about hes got pictures of creatures ships planets and more in his vids and he also has quotes of wat hello games have said its really cool check it out that is all :) p.s it comes out on PS4 first but they have announced it will come out on PC as well but later its your choice if u want to get it on PS4 or PC no one is judging everyone is awesome in this awesome clan we have here :D im also going to ask someone to make a separate channel for no mans sky when it comes out for everyone in the clan to join thanks for reading guys and girls :)

NO MANS SKY trailers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h5vwfEaONg

COBRA TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_E...J2pAk11n_WLeQQ