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    America USA/Memorial Day/2015

    As many Countries do,Americans celebrate the passing of their war dead once per year. It is called Memorial day. We also have a day called "Veterans day' which celebrates the service of American Men/Women. Memorial day grew out of a wholly organic celebration started by the Wives of Confederate/Union soldiers,though on different days.Those days were joined,and called "Organization Day' at first,then in the mid 1800's,it was called "Memorial Day'.

    From the walls of Jericho,stained with the blood of enemy and patriot alike,to the coastal sands of Thermoplyae and Normandy,the blood running red to the blue water. The Hills of Germany,and the vineyards of France, the bones of warriors rest together in an uneasy dance. Those who've died,for a cause greater than themselves,held to an ideal which nothing less than death itself could delay,but not end. Regardless of the Nation patch worn, I care not a whit for the language they spoke,nor the families left home and behind. For today belongs to MY heroes. The war dead of all Nations.Nazi and Confederate,Orange and black,from Prussians to Cossack. I honor them all.For when they were called,they indeed,wrote a check. Payable to their ideals,their Nations,their Gods,their Peoples.That they would fight,and sweat,and bleed,and if need be,die,for that ideal. While many stood by,manning their stores and minding their business,these Young and old,the patriots,the believers,the do'ers and finishers...Laid down their children,their wives,their lives,and their very souls,to fight against those they believed meant them harm. Selfless,without caveat,and never forgotten.

    The Men and Women I fought with,and those whom fight today,do so with this same resolve,and same bank accounts as their forefather,I,this soldier,Airman,Marine,Sailor,do promise to give Mine sweat as equity,My mind as down payment,and if need be,My life as final payment,in defense of My land,My home,My Country and Her peoples.I do this for not money,nor for the glory. I do it for ideals and beliefs that are MUCH greater than the singular,and in fact,greater than all of us. I have seen the light of life leave a soldiers body,and in these moments,I saw not fear,nor pain. I saw not grief nor anger. I saw resolve,I saw honor,I saw dignity,and most of all,I saw pride. Having stepped forward to follow the trumpeters call,their job now done,they go forward to the plains of Valhalla to rest and dance with the rest of their kind,to await that final trumpet call to the mother of all battles,that of good vs evil.

    I ask this Memorial day,Be You in Stuttgart,or Savannah. Paris,France or Paris,Kentucky. Take a moment,one of quiet thanks and honor for those who've walked in the boots of war,and gave that ultimate sacrifice.Raise a toast,say a prayer,hang a flag,hug a random Veteran and thank Your God that they lived. For as wiser people than us have said,and I paraphrase "...the only thing needed for evil to grow,is for good Men to do nothing". Today,We honor those who did something.

    "God Grant Me a dumb,under armed enemy.May His wisdom be less,His leaders afraid,and His Women lament the coming death of those who would stand against Me and mine.I hope,for the sake of their souls,that they belong to Jesus Himself,for today,their ass belongs to ME'.


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    The patriot’s blood is the seed of Freedom’s tree.

    In honor of Memorial Day 2015


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