I have already contacted Rambo and Insane about this, I just wanted to post it here as well in the event that is a requirement. You all may or may not remember me (in fact you probably don't) but this is the Sa'kage that was in AOD a couple years back - I left because I did not feel I was active enough in MB2 to justify membership in AOD. Well I recently in the last week or two allowed my twelve-year-old cousin who was visiting and loves Star Wars to play MB2 for a few hours during his stay. I'm not sure if he grasped the rules of the game. I went to log on today and discovered my account had been banned from AOD_Pandemonium. As to what the offense was I am not sure. It must have been for team killing as I am not sure if he even knew how to chat in the game and I can't imagine he would say anything inappropriate if he did. If you could please un-ban my IP I would greatly appreciate it. I am not typically a trouble maker on the server and if I don't have access to AOD_Panemonium then I essentially don't have access to MB2 anymore.

Here is my IP address according to Google: **.***.***.** (Sent in PM to Insane/Rambo)

Take care everyone and let me know if there are any issues so I can make the appropriate steps to resolve them.