Hey guys, so I know this can be annoying to see but I'm doing it anyway. I'm a youtuber, fresh, and I'm trying to get my channel a little known. I was posting a few months ago and quit due to not having any good games to record. However now I have H1Z1 and I want to do a full series on that. I have two H1 videos out(Both before I was in the AOD clan unfortaunately.) However the new one I recorded and now have to edit is fresh from my life in AOD.

Anyway, if you guys could please subscribe and share, comment, and help me promote my channel that would be awesome!

If you want to do some H1 collabs that'd be great too. I don't use skype because of my shitty internet, just teamspeak so there's that.

Thank you all:) You can find the link to my youtube channel in my signature. However, here is a link to my H1 playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...Q_dAZLq-rA6X2m