hello my brothers and sisters,
I have just a few items on my mind I would like to talk about today. First of all thank you for the birthday wishes, yes I am a year closer to death. more importantly lets talk vehicle use, in the beginning of a game I have noticed a couple of things when there are vehicle present, one is that not all vehicles are not being deployed, why? I would thing that you would like you get into the field or down range as quickly as possible. the sooner u take a flag the more advantage your team has, so don't leave any vehicles behind. Take as many people as you can and start taking territory which leads me to point number two. If you have a vehicle that can carry more than one person make sure you load up. gat as many people as you can into the field. if you are on a chopper with many people with you and you had to leave some behind, go back and get more, yes you are a taxi driver but in the real world that what chopper pilots do. they are troop transport! Choppers can be a very effective weapon with door gunners spraying the ground where the enemy has massed and giving air support to your ground troops as well as taking out other aircraft that is attacking you troops on the ground.If you are in a chopper that is severely damaged and you need to bail then tell everyone in the chopper to bail with you so the enemy doesn't score a multi kill. And don't just bail out of a perfectly good air craft whether it is a chopper or a plane, someone might be in there with you and doe not realize you have bailed. If you are in an attack chopper why would you not want a front gunner on that 30mm cannon? even if he makes the kill you get kill points as well. tanks, trucks, APC's, boats, etc. all have extra guns so put them to use.
Second Item on my mind is communication and team work. we use team speak as a clan to communicate with each other regardless of which team we are on and that is good. but in the game please don't talk to your squad over team speak because everyone can here it and not every member of your squad is a clan member and not every one is in your squad. Please use the in game communication rose to speak of your attack plans and info your squad needs to know. And talk to your squad weather you are squad leader or not. I don't mind when you are talking in team speak taunting and heckling other clan members when you have made a spectacular kill at their expense, I rather enjoy that and we all get to share in the fun. but I think everyone will agree that communication with your team and even more so with your squad is important. and when you are in a squad follow your squad leaders orders! and squad leaders talk to your squad, your team and tell them what you want done. Tell them what equipment and weapons you need and what you are bringing to the party so that you have supplies when needed and medical and anti armor if you need that . and medics please risk it and revive your team members whether they are in your squad or not. I have noticed there are teams that move and strike with deadly results and they are the one that has trained with each other outside the regular battlefield game most likely in a private clan generated battlefield much like the one we have for clan tournaments so when the get into the live games and specially on other clans servers they dominate. I would really like to do something like that here and have a special squad or multiple squads that will be able to put those kind of mutts in their place and show them that they cant come into our back yard and start digging hole and putting our troops in them. Rather let them come into our back yard and dig their own graves. And I have said it before and kind of understand why we don't, but I would love to participate in tournaments against other clans and see who will end up as the victors.
Well that's all I have to say and I welcome any comments or criticisms that you as my clan family might have for me pertaining to my old dog rant.

Thanks you all and hope to be killing oops I mean seeing you all on the battlefield.