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    Default Server balancing--squad break aparts

    To AOD:

    Hi my name is Tiger_Shilone and I play BF4 under the same name.
    I represent a clan called The Black Knightz with the tags BKZ as an officer there.

    At the suggestion of AOD Ape777 (think that was the name?) I am making a thread here in the BF section for a complaint against how the server auto-balance is run. The server is the all DLC BF4 server.

    What drives our clan mates nuts is that your server will break up squads and put ppl on the other side, even in the middle of a game and half the time they are stuck there, unable to switch back.
    To add insult to inury, when we finally do get squaded back up it will break out somebody else and do the dame thing.

    This gets very frustrating! And when it happens regularly like it did last night we will usually go to different server. (I am the weak link in our crew as I am on a microwave internet system and it can spike to 150-700ms at times-everybody likes to get netflix at the same time. I usually get 45-60ms on your server so it is on our favorites list)
    I dont know what type of server admin software you are running, but when we ran BF2CC and morkeye on our servers we were able to adjust balancing without breaking squads.

    I know being an admin is tough. I was 2nd in commmand at |Zs| Zombie Squad and we had the #1 Gametracker world ranked 64 man dedicated 2142 titan server for 11 months back in 08/09. It's narrow path to set up and adminster a server in a fair manner and regardless of what you do somebody is always bitching about what a jerk you/the server/the clan/the admins/or the owner is. Most of the time it is just that---minor bitching. But his balance issue is something that causes us to leave the server as a group on a regular basis. That makes it an issue to be addressed.

    On the plus side, we enjoy your server most of time and it is in our regular rotation. You don't put up with bigoted crap or excessive cursing and kick out the trolls and asshats. You've got a couple of camping armor whores who rarely leave spawn, but wth, they paid for the game and if that is what they want to do they paid to do it--I just hope they are on the other side as it usually makes for a losing recipe. When we dont get passed around from side to side we have a good time here.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Tiger, I appreciate you coming to post.

    There's a lot going on here I'm sure you may not be aware of. The balancer is set to keep squads together as a rule, first and foremost. Some rules will trump that. If you are joining the server with your clan en masse, for example, we do split large groups by rule to avert the possibility of a stomp. We split AOD by rule also, so that we avoid a teamstack, and swap members for balance manually if needed. Since it's our home, we like to keep it as free of that type of swarming (or the appearance of us doing it to our own server). It's important for people to know that. So as you see, it's by design - it isn't that we don't know how to perfectly tweak a balancer (which we don't, because no one does).

    I'm unfamilair with that clan tag, but we'll watch out for it. Often times if we have a decent clan that joins with their friends, and they get swapped one of our admins are happy to move you together if you ask nicely. We may also ask you to separate if your presence is becoming detrimental to our server's population. So long as people respect the "house rules" we can usually figure out an amicable solution.

    On the plus side, we enjoy your server most of time and it is in our regular rotation. You don't put up with bigoted crap or excessive cursing and kick out the trolls and asshats.
    That's one of our main goals, so at least we know you get it :)

    Hope to see you all in the servers soon. If you encounter the problem again see if there is an AOD admin on and explain the situation. If they feel it's in the server's best interest to keep you together, they will likely oblige. If not, please be patient and respect that we are trying to be good stewards of the community as a whole.



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