Hello my brothers and sisters,
the other day I was involved in a game where the opposing force was very good with tactics on the Metro map. They was successful in pushing my team all the way back to our staging area. they controlled all of the points from A thru C and was massed in a battle line also known as a battlefront just outside our staging area where they couldn't come in any further without risking their own avatar crossing into the out of bounds zone and being killed in a count out. it was frustrating and took us quite a while before we was able to brake their lines and recapture the Alpha point but it was already to late for us and we lost that game. People was getting upset and complaining about the how close the enemy was to our staging area and was saying that as an AOD member we are not allowed to take Alpha point and are supposed to back off if other members of our side that are non AOD members do take it giving the enemy the chance to regain control over it. I have never heard that supposed orders for AOD members before and I know that for a fact that there was many members' of AOD on the opposing force that held us at bay for a very long time or what seemed like a long time. I too was frustrated that I was not gaining ground and was a sitting duck for a while until a small group of fighters was able to brake their lines and causing the rest of them to turn their attention on the broken lines long enough for our side to create multiple holes and inflict enough damage to allow us to push them back, if that makes sense to you. in short we got lucky. but when the game was over and I was waiting for the new one to start I was reflecting on the last game and realized that their tactic was sound and very well played. in the real world on a very real battlefield you want to be able to push your enemy back all the way to their staging are also known as their AO and destroy it and everything and body in it leaving nothing for your enemy to be able to use against you in later battles.
So for all you AOD battle dogs that participated in that battle and you know who you are, I say well played, good game! and keep it up for the harder you push and the better you fight causes me to have to adapt and get better myself so I can be a valuable asset to you when we are on the same team and you would want me and feel confident having me in your squad.

Battle on my Brothers and Sisters and hope to see you on the field of battle soon. Thanks for listening to another rant from an old Dog.