Sorry I haven't been on all. Have had three things keeping me hopping last few weeks (beyond doing daddy time) -

1. Working on school. Seems like they actually want me to spend time doing work in a MS program, who thought this was a good idea? - suck.

2. Running a go-live at work for last few weeks. This has slowed, but sanity hasn't caught up yet.

3. 1 + 2 + Toddler = reduced gaming time. And I seem to be splitting it up between Armored Warfare (getting the most love) and WoWs.

I'm hoping that with #2 calming down, and the #1 getting under a bit more control that time with WT will pick up again. But I gotta be honest and say AW is currently a blast. I like the mechanics of WT alot, but AW has really hit a good fun factor for me, and I get tired of the Gaijin design issues after awhile, which has led to part of the burnout. But hopefully I'll be in the WT rooms again this weekend.