Using Light Tanks

Light tanks should try to keep on the move as much as possible. Move from cover to cover or along natural depressions in the landscape to avoid enemy fire. Once in a good position, take aim carefully and fire only a shot or two before repositioning.
Using Medium Tanks

Use your mobility to capture points and flank the enemy. Your gun will allow you to attack enemies from the front, if necessary, at close range.
Using Heavy Tanks

Stay at a distance from the enemy in order to make best use of your armor. While your gun will not be able to destroy all enemies at range, carefully aimed shots can still do damage.
Using Tank Destroyers

Try to stay in depressions in the landscape, and use cover to secure your flanks from enemy fire. Use your penetration to pick off enemies in your line of fire.
Using SPAA

Park a distance behind your allies and find cover to avoid being fired upon, as SPAA vehicles have little or no armor. Next, simply aim in front of enemy planes and keep shooting until they fly into your rounds and blow apart.