Before I start off, Ark: Survival Evolved just went Full-Time. If you are new to survival games, or just want to start playing one you own I highly recommend joining up with them. They are a great group and its an extremely fun game with highly active dev teams. Not many games get as many updates as ARK.

If Ark just isn't your game and you want some Rust action:

I am currently in a very mature and organized Rust group. Current uniform and codes always synced with the website, as is the TeamSpeak. All members use a live map. Blueprints are also synced so that you can see who makes what. Quite frankly, the entire group would fit incredibly well into AOD in both maturity and organization.

Server is a 3x weekly wipe on a high pop server, with monthly blueprint wipe. There are no rules outside of maintaining the utmost integrity levels within the clan.

Hit me up if you are interested. Anyone from leisure to highly active is welcome.