TLDR: I like games. I like music. I like anime. Questions on any of those with regards to me, ask, I will answer.

Since I have a feeling that about 85% of the people that are currently in AOD won't see me on often, I think an introduction of myself is called for.

So, my name is Marcus, (Call me either Marcus or Shadow, I don't care) I am 19 and live in the MN-IA area. I am currently a first-year in College double majoring in both Music and Psychology to one day spend more money on education by going to Graduate school and becoming a Music Therapist (I play the Clarinet, and no I don't sing I'm godawful at it). I am (to the sad dismay of some) mostly a console gamer but recently got into playing games I loved on console (Battlefields, Elder scrolls, Fallout, etc) and playing them on PC. I tend to be introverted until I get to know the lot of you that play Battlefield (as that is what I do).

On to my gaming life, I play all types of games from Portal to Borderlands, from Civ 5 to the original Starcraft's. Though FPS's are usually what I am best suited for compared to other games. On that note, I use to play competitive Battlefield 3 on 360 for a team called Team Vector (later changed to Team Edge due to stupid reasons). I was lead gunner in the Armor Division (Tank and LAV) though I was a sub/alt for Infantry on maps like Bazaar and Metro. To the great dismay of a lot of guys on that Team, it eventually fell apart with people going to school and life happening.

I hope to get to the lot of you all, on the field of course