As some of you know I've been away from the game for a bit due to taking a job down in Texas, sadly I did not bring my desktop with me to play. :(

The place I am staying at has crap internet, however we are looking at setting up a link between the office and house. While I am in the tower industry I have played around with very little in the way of unlicensed PTP wireless backhaul links. If anyone has any input that is of use it would be appreciated, currently I have been looking at the Mikrotik DynaDish 5. My desktop will likely become offsite data storage that will need to be accessed from the office. The other upside to this is of course 50/10 internet to the house. We will be attaching gigE on either side for maximum access speeds in both directions.

Hope to be playing again mid May, Cheers!

Link distance is 4.2 miles, path analysis is already done, if you'd like more info ask away.