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    Default Jedi Knight Applying for AOD Membership

    I'm not too sure how that work so... i'll do it my way!

    What made you interested in joining AOD?
    - AOD is the really first server I started to play into when I started playing MovieBattle2 around 6 or 8 months ago.
    - AOD diffents servers also are the servers I have the best ping within, which make it my premium choice to play MB2!
    - During my long journey trying to figure out the art of the saber combat and the force, I found myself to appreciate alot talking and playing along with most of people in there.
    - Since I'm here for a moment, until my own physical end, which will then lead me to cross the quantum door that will conduct me to my next life into the SWU, I would sure appreciate to have a reserved place because I play that game every single day.

    What is your in game name?
    - Many! It kind of depend if i'm going Sith or Jedi, but 90% of the time I'll be playing has '' Jedi Knight '' since thats what fit my soul.
    - Or '' Damn-Another Dark Jedi! Run '',
    -'' The second padawan ''
    - I have quite a strange & unique way to view life and that make me unable, or very quite uncomfortable to play Sith on some maps...
    Like '' Jedi Temple '' into which Siths purpose is to slay all the kids in there, or the Death Star... To protect that monstrous weapon.

    Who referred you?
    - AOD_Oneo didn't mind to refer me, but I'm sure a lot of people in here will recognize me since I'm literally there all day long

    - That's a tricky question! I lived many lives, but in this body, this present story. I'm physically 21 years old.

    Do you have any clan experience?
    - Not so much, I did joined a nice clan couple of years ago when I was gaming at BF3! I also had a little clan on Runescape when I was kid but hay I'm pretty sure that doesnt count ahahahaha.

    Are you currently in any other clans or guilds?
    - Not at all.

    Do you have a Mic?
    - Right now no! I exploded my G35 Headset last year, but it's not a problem to get a new one, I also don't feel so comfortable talking to people with my voice, long story, but I'm open to learn to know you guys better and let you learn to know me better has well.
    - One should also know that English isn't my first tongue, I'm French Canadian and not to totally bilingual so writing can be easier for me depending on situations! I speak through both writing and talking & btw if you haven't noticed yet which is unlikely, Yes! I'm one special character, dont judge me.

    Have you ever used TeamSpeak?
    - Of course! Good old COD4 time...

    What is your Steam Profile link?
    - Should work

    Do you have any competitive experience in ladders or tournaments?
    - Not so much, no! But once my training is over i'll be glad to help.

    Timezone or Location
    - Eastern Time Zone.

    Tell us more about yourself
    - Oh my dear... You have absolutely no idea! I'm a totally different kind of human and that question would require a whole book to answer and understand properly... Just know I'm a cool guy, I advocate peace and that all I want is to find happiness and serenity among everyone. I'm the kind of guy that save every single insect, animals, plants that cross my way. I only attack for true defense, for me, a life is a life and a human being is worth literally has much then the life of a single ant being, or a spider, or a bacteria? No one is worth more than anyone because I've understood and know at which point we all have our precious & precise place, role to play in the Ether, the destiny, in the Force... For the good sake of everything and everyone, so that destiny and equilibrium can be achieved like it is supposed to.

    Did you read the thread titled "Read Before Joining AOD" - LINK?
    - Yes! By the way Mr Oneo also took good care to tell me to read everything too.
    -Secret Code, 2OP4UELS1.

    I'm ready to serve the Jedi Order, the Galaxy & my Clan and People.

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    Click the apply here at the top right of the screen for a proper application until then this application is closed.

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    That's a link to application form in case you did not find it.

    Request signatures or any artwork >>HERE<<


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