So after the game has now been out a week the maps that I have played in and seen teams struggle on the most are the assault maps. These in my opinion are most likely the hardest maps to win on in the game if you are playing offense. Some key reasons that these maps are such a challenge is because the defense doesn't have to work nearly as hard as the offense and with the use of Bastion, Torbjorn, and Symmetra just trying to get your foot in through one of the check points can be difficult. So some tips for getting around these heavy turret comp based defenses is using the heroes that counter them, the best being D.VA, Genji, Junkrat, Soldier 76, and Zenyatta. D.VA in these situations are great because her shield can block all incoming damage so doubling maybe even tripping up on this specific tank could prove useful depending on the map that you are currently on, so if you do play D.VA communicate with your team to just stay behind so they font soak any damage when approaching a turret or Bastion. Genji, Soldier 76, and Junkrat are great here if they position right behind the tanks because they can burn down any of these turrets quick and also add utility to the comp to deal with any other problem. Zenyatta is really only used here for his Orb of Discord for the damage amp purpose and he can be dealing out damage at the same time, but with his healing begin just alright I would recommend running either a Mercy or Lucio with the comp. Now onto the maps HANAMURA point be is one of the hardest points to capture as far as it goes for these maps. On this map there are really only two areas of entry that all of your team can access being the front door and the upper stair case upper floor. The front door is alright if your entire team has all of their ultimate up and you know you can at least take out the heal, usually this will be an instant point capture and game win but if it does not work using this entry again is not very viable especially if the game is close to ending. The upper floor is where I have had the best success even with just half my team using it, it makes the defense have to pick between the front and side to target, or if the entire team goes one side you will almost always get one pick from an enemy being up there. Along with this you can wipe the team even without having any ultimate because the defense will have to reposition because once you exit the top floor your team will be right on top of the defense. Usually going as 6 minimum 3 the offensive team can almost always get a team wipe and be set for the defenses last push with ultimate to win the game.

Please let me know if this has helped at all with these maps and let me know if there are other maps I can help with.