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    Default Age Restiction

    *Disclaimer*- This is not a thread to roast the recruiters for AOD. I were just doing your job.

    Hello fellow, AOD under-age non-members. My name is RedBelow and recently I applied for the WarFrame divison of AOD. I spent time completing my applications online and things of that sort and was sent a message to head to the teamspeak to finish the rest of the application to become a full-fledge member. I finally got to the teamspeak and began to talk to a recruiter(I will not specify names). We got past the part of changing your identity on the server and all that, but right before I became a full member...the recruiter asks me "Also,are you 16 or older?" and I say "no" knowing that I didn't want to lie. Then I realize that I cannot become a member because I am under the age of 16. Mind this though, I am more mature than most adults that I know. Just because I'm underage doesn't mean that I'm a little kid trying to join a great gaming community to annoy people. There should be exception for this rule. This rule should be : If you are applying to AOD and you are under the age of 16 then you will be notified that if you act out of the Code of Conduct 1(one) time then you will be ask to not come back to the server and lose your membership to AOD. I hope the leaders of AOD see this thread and think about it in their heads for just a second and maybe consider it. Thank you for your time.

    ~ RedBelow

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    It's the division commander's discretion whether or not to approve exceptions to age policy. It's also entirely up to division commanders whether or not to enforce an age restriction. AOD is an adult community, and we have all been burned by young gamers who "promise" they'll be on their best behavior, only to get kicked out because they didn't see eye to eye with the way we do things here.

    We aren't here to babysit. We shouldn't need a "one strike, you're out" policy. All AOD members are expected to adhere to the clan and respective division rules and regulations without exception.


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