So I was browsing through the Battlefront section and I say that there was a thread about how you ended up with your Gamertag so I thought I'd do one where more people would be able to share their origin story as it were.

For me my tag started out as Hounddog792 from a book series I read when I was younger, but then I picked up a copy of Sins of a Solar Empire (vanilla version) and I fell in love with the TEC faction and I changed my name to their super weapon the Novalith cannon (cause who wouldn't want to be named after a cannon that can wipe the population of the face of a planet?) , but after awhile I changed it to Novaknight because i'm a big history nerd and knights are cool.

If anyone has Sins Rebellion and if you want to play let me know I have a cool Star Wars mod you should check out.