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    Amusing Changed my in-game name to fix confusion

    My in-game name was D3athFr0mAb0ve but I registered on the forums as GlockerTheDemon. I found out recently that I could change my name for free (in fact, I found out recently that it was also even possible to change my name xD) so I changed my in-game name from D3athFr0mAb0ve to GlockerTheDemon so that there would be a lot less confusion. Especially in TS3 where i'm also called GlockerTheDemon.

    Btw, is there anything else i need to do? Like notify specific people of this or what?

    P.S. Have something interesting to read :)

    "C'mon, letís play" you say; Hoping to have some fun; But you never get a reply; "What would you like to do today?" you ask; Yet those eyes remain the same; Those dark eyes, that have never replied to you; Again you ask "Letís play hide and seek"; And still no response; No one wants to play with you; So you ask the same question everyday; To the same person everyday; "Let's play hide and seek again"; And every time, you seem to win; For that person never finds you; Yet they know where you hide; Why? You might ask; Why wouldn't they; For have you heard?; Of the boy who plays hide and seek; with a fox that doesnít exist?; Of course you haven't; As you ask your friend again; "Want to play hide and seek again?"; and the fox replies "gladly".

    I don't intentionally ignore anyone. Their words simply don't resonate with me.
    -Asaba Yuki

    The moment between life and death is where a true man shows his color.
    -Shio Sakaki

    No matter how hard someone's heart is, if you keep on talking to them,
    Little by little, it'll eventually start to crack! I believe it! I believe that useless effort doesn't exist in this world!
    -Ushiromiya Jessica

    Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies; itís our perspectives that separate us. Both sides blame one another. There's no good or bad side, just two sides holding different views.
    -Squall Leonhart

    It's troublesome if the villain doesn't show their evil. Villains are necessary to make knights into heroes.

    Criticism of yourself as you're observed by others doesn't matter. If your existence is firmly acknowledged by you yourself, that's enough. If you can live with confidence in yourself, surely you can accept any kind of lifestyle.
    -Ushiromiya Ange

    Well, who you love depends on the person. Isn't everything fine as long as it's someone who's fun to be with?
    Being with someone doesn't require any permission as long as the two people accept each other.
    If you worry about your parents or your family, then you lose. Don't forget that.
    You can't go out with someone with incomplete feelings.
    -Ushiromiya Battler

    In ages past, dragons and men were one. Those who lusted after wealth chose the land and the sea and became men.
    Those who cherished freedom became dragons and chose wind and fire.

    Facing irrationality doesn't mean not feeling fear, but rather possessing eyes that gaze upon fear and standing against the world.
    -Ganta Igarashi

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    Thank you for the name change, I have modified the division structure to work with your new in game name.

    Best regards



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