I'm going away for the weekend to a nice small town, it's called Westminster, South Carolina interesting fact it's located in Pickens County named after Gen. Andrew Pickens also known as Congressman Andrew Pickens, My Ancestor.

Interesting Facts About Andrew Pickens:
He fought in the Battle of the Cowpens
-I admit not that interesting fact but the Mel Gibson The Patriot actually based a character off of him because of his tactics the Scene where Benjamin Martin asks the Militia to fire off two shots before routing and turning to run down the hill to bait the troops into a trap waiting for them on the other side of the hill actually happened in the Battle of Cowpens by General Andrew Pickens after all the Brits were used to seeing the militia break rank and run.

-He opposed policy's enacted by Alexander Hamilton since he was in the Anti-Administration faction

A Few Places Named After Him:
Pickens County, SC
Pickens County, GA
Fort Pickens in Florida (Multiple Fires, A Magazine [Powder Room] caught fire and blew an entire section with so much force bricks landed at the fort across the bay)
Pickens High School (The oldest High School in South Carolina has been teaching students for 138 years longer than Clemson University)
and many others.....

It's interesting knowing your family history and I get to spend 3 days eating food with people I see once a year. But I do really like SC.

That is till I go to my father's family reunion that is even more fun, Scotland Highland Games anyone?