As some of you already know, I'll leave AOD tonight, because I want to focus more on the competitive aspect of the game.

I've had a blast with you guys and will certainly keep many of you in mind. I'll miss Rubbles anecdotes, Proletarians discussions and Tidgits company. I'd also like to thank BoomBoom for his heartily welcome, back when I've joined AOD, all green, about a year ago and Mature for showing me the ropes in Squadron Arcade Battles. Sworn, Henkie, Hoban, Sky, Donny and all those great panthers who are probably pissed now, because I haven't mentioned them by name - I've really enjoyed fighting along your side in competitive and casual matches alike.

I wish all of you best luck.

Farewell and see you in the skies! (or in mud and ruins, if you're exclusively into the less interesting half of warthunder)