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    Default Unban request since I didn't break any rules BlEZer12345

    Hello AOD, this is BlEZer, not Blazer, don't get us confused, we are two different people. I wanted to make a post to both ask that I be unbanned and to also expose Firestrike for an unjust banning.

    Place and time: AOD Rotation Server, 8/12/2016, around 7:00 P.M. Eastern Time.

    Admin who abusively banned me: Firestrike.

    Reason for banning: My best guess is that apparently I'm an asshole? He only made the accusation but never actually explained it at all or tried to back up his claim.

    My IP: -verified-

    Circumstances of the Event

    I was playing around with other players, jabbing fun at people 'n stuff who jabbed fun back, no one actually was insulted. None of the jabs were serious either, it was all in a joking fashion. Firestrike, however, appeared to be itching to use his admin and first muted me without any warning for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes are up, I calmly asked him why I was muted. No answer. I continued to ask. No answer. 15-20 minutes after the initial muting, he finally tells me to stop being an asshole. I'm not being an asshole? I'm calmly asking you to explain why I was muted without any warning? I pointed this out, and again, no answer. Now, saying that I was being an asshole is a considerable accusation, so I decided to ask him to explain his accusation of me? For the next 15 minutes, he was silent. He did not respond to my request to explain. Now, Firestrike, I heard, has noted before in the past that apparently AOD holds its members and admins to higher standards. Sooooooo.....where did those higher standards go in this scenario? I mean, the man who said this himself, supposedly, completely ignored me when I sought an explanation for his accusations, quite calmly and respectfully too. So uh.....yeah, what gives? But wait! It gets better...

    Firestrike finally got tired of me questioning him, and so when I question his "standards", he immediately threatens with the following quote: ''I'll show you them [higher standards]" and then immediately temporarily bans me for 100 rounds. Now, I never broke any of the official AOD rules, as I did not flame the admin nor throw insults at him, I validly questioned him on his accusations towards me which were themselves borderline flaming. I will not apologize for my actions, as I have done nothing wrong. Rather, I highly suggest that Firestrike come to me and apologize to me, either on this thread, in a message, or in-game. Simple. Oh, I also want the ban removed, because, you know, it's not warranted on anything solid.
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    Greetings BlEZer,

    I'm going to reference some of our server rules stickied to this section of the forums.

    You were muted for negatively impacting our server by harassing two specific members. I believe it was calling Tasmann "Trashmann", Kahlua von Heart a "***got", specifically. You were calling people "EZ" in the server after killing them which is mildly rude. You also gave out some random fellow's twitter account, made fun of his followers and insulted his skills in Lugormod. You are correct that I did ask you to stop being an asshole in the server. These kind of actions were breaking this specific rule:

    Server Rules & Conduct

    The following are enforced at all times in AOD MB2 Servers:
    • Respect for all players

    After you were unmuted (it was only 10 minutes) you felt the need to remark with this:


    Trying to bait an admin or mocking how an admin regulates the server is against another one of our rules:

    Server Rules & Conduct

    The following are enforced at all times in AOD MB2 Servers:
    • Chat to be kept at PG-13 and game related. Any discussion that could lead to a debate/argument is not tolerated. (Ban) (ie. Chat related to race, religion, politics or questioning/taunting admin commands is not tolerated)

    We do not talk about any admin actions on the public server chat because it naturally leads to unnecessary argument. The server chat is there for gameplay purposes, not to debate administrative actions. There is a PM system in game or our forums if you want to talk about admin procedures. I personally didn't get too offended at it so I ignored it. You did feel the need to instigate why you were muted upwards up to 30 minutes after the actual mute ended, with comments like below:


    Unfortunately I only took the one screenshot, but you did raise the issue roughly 10 separate times after it was already over and done with. It was instigating at that point and I realized you weren't going to stop, which is why you were temp-banned off of our server. Your temp-ban will expire in 1-3 days depending on how fast 24/7 Rotation rounds go in the next while, so take this time to reflect on our rules and come back with an appropriate attitude when you're ready.

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