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    Default Honda_Rider_1995 Applying for AOD Membership [expired]

    AOD Racing
    What made you interested in applying to join AOD?
    Seeking the upper echelon of competetive Sim Racing. I would like to use it as a pathway into Racing real cars! Please notify me if I've misunderstood and there is not in fact a console league on AOD. I'm new to the website so I apologize for any rookie mistakes I've made! Thanks guys.
    Who referred you?
    What is your age?
    Which Sim(s) are you applying for?
    • Assetto Corsa
    • Project CARS

    Please provide a link to your profile
    Console Driver (PS4)
    Have your ever been a member of any PC gaming communities/clans/guilds in the past? (if yes, which one/s?)
    Nothing serious. However, I used to be a member of a virtual airline for Flight Simulation many years ago. I can't even remember the name to be honest!
    Are you currently in any other gaming communities/clans/guilds? (if yes, which one(s) and for which games)
    Apex Online Racing's DTM Pro League (PS4)
    Do you have a Microphone?
    Have you ever used Teamspeak?
    What is your timezone & location?
    Tell us more about yourself. What is your Sim Racing History?
    Avid Sim racer as well as auto enthusiast. I've had some seat time in a few cars and many karts on a handful of tracks, but have never raced competitively in real life. I'm currently racing for AOR's DTM Pro League at the moment. I joined mid season and am using it as a learning experience. Prior to that, I've never run with an official league, but have almost every serious racing title ever released on console. I've owned a few wheel/rig setups and am no rookie to driving pretend cars! ;) I race cleanly and fair, it's really an art, one I enjoy; Dancing with other cars at speed! Just to be clear: I do not have a PC setup at the moment. I run solely on PS4 for the time being. Thanks guys, hope to see you soon!
    AOD is an honor clan. We prefer good sportsmanship over skill. Can you be happy in an environment that doesn't reward skill?
    Have you been a member of AOD before?

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    Two things. First, you must activate your account before we can proceed.

    Second is that we are a Personal Computer clan. I say this because it sounds like you play Project Cars on the Xbox. If you play Project Cars and Assetto Corsa on a computer, then we can proceed.


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